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Newcastle Real Estate Agent

Proudly servicing the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle region, Jared Codling is backed by the power of Australia's most Googled Real Estate Brand, Ray White. Operating out of Ray White Belmont and servicing Newcastle in its entirity, Jared uses a combination of extensive high-level sales experience and natural ability to provide his clients with the results they deserve, and surpass their expectations time and time again.

Born and raised in Newcastle, Jared Codling has a passion for the local Real Estate market and the people within it, and with three generations of family in the Lake Macquarie area, he has an appreciation for the beauty of the area, and the fine community it has to offer. With a wealth of sales experience from working in the Sydney marketplace in other industries, Jared is a keen negotiator who prides himself on achieving the best possible results for his clients.

With a strong background in Online Marketing, Jared is now pushing the limits of what can be achieved through the online real estate market, being at the forefront of technological advancements, and using these tools at a higher level than previously seen in the market. This results in Jared's clientbase receiving far more online traffic than could be offered by his competitors, and ultimately in remarkable results. Jared can be contacted on 0420 808 179 any day of the week.

The Pinnacle of Online Real Estate Marketing

Not all agents are made equal; their experience-base varies dramatically and so do their marketing campaigns. Jared Codling comes from the highest possible level of online marketing. With agency experience of the highest degree, Jared has managed marketing campaigns for some of the largest companies in Australia. With career highlights such as launching a remastered song for Sir Paul McCartney via YouTube, and creating a viral marketing campaign for The Discovery Channel which achieved millions of hits within hours, Jared knows what it takes to gain maximum exposure in the online arena.

Online Marketing is the future of Real Estate, and by choosing to sell your home with Jared Codling you're choosing to give your property the maximum exposure possible through creative online marketing ideas, coupled with more traditional techniques such as listing your property on popular portals such as RealEstate.com.au and Domain.

The Power of Ray White

With a household name and a reputation for excellence, the Ray White Group is synonymous with Real Estate, and has a proven history of outstanding results and excellent customer service. With over 1000 offices spanning Australia and New Zealand, the Ray White group has the brick-and-mortar expanse you would expect with a high-end real estate group, and a second-to-none online marketing program, with an incredibly strong presence in New South Wales.

Founded in 1902, the Ray White group has evolved into the most powerful and successful real estate company in Australia. This translates into maximum exposure for its clientbase, and the highest possible sale prices for its vendors. With an ever-increasing marketshare in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle region, you can rest assured that your property is receiving the best possible service.

The Newcastle Real Estate Market

The Newcastle Real Estate Market can be quite volatile at times, although it is still typically seen as an ideal area for investment properties. Despite the market being heavily influenced by interest rate fluctuations, the affordability in some areas makes it ideal for first-time investors, especially due to the high rental rate. With some very affordable homes being located in waterfront areas, it is an ideal region for those looking for prestige at a reasonable cost.

Population-wise, Newcastle is the second most populated region in New South Wales, which is rapidly increasing. This has led to a higher demand in housing than ever before seen, and escalating housing prices. With a sharp increase in population density, with many re-developments of larger blocks taking place, the area is now being seen as an ideal area for developers to implement multiple-dwelling housing structures in some of the more affordable areas. With vacancy rates on rental properties being at an all-time low, you can be sure that your investment will be recouped. This makes it the ideal time for sellers to take advantage of this influx of outside investors, with above-market figures being hit every day throughout the area.

Due to high rental returns, we're seeing more and more investors who would have traditionally entered the Sydney market instead purchasing homes in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region, and this trend looks like it is here to stay. With Australia now becoming a heavy target for Chinese investors utilising the newly found capital from their booming economy, Newcastle is managing to seize a large portion of this cashflow, pushing property prices higher, and making Auctions a very viable means to attaining values well above what is considered market value.

If you're interested in buying or selling in the Newcastle region, regardless of the specific area or price-range, consider contacting Jared Codling on 0420 808 179.

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Lake Macquarie Real Estate

Lake Macquarie is an area situated south of the Newcastle Region, and represents a large proportion of waterfront estate within Newcastle. Located just a short drive away from the Newcastle CBD, some of the most prestigious homes in Australia are located within the Lake Macquarie municipality. The major population centres are Belmont, Valentine and Cardiff, with huge economic diversity, and a rapid growth in population being seen in recent years.

The rapid increase in population has seen an escalation in property prices much like the rest of the Newcastle region. Many investors are seeing prime real estate in the Belmont area as an excellent opportunity to subdivide and achieve an excellent rental return; especially with the record-low rental vacancy rates, the area is flourishing and represents prime real estate.

With beautiful views and an amazing sense of community, the area is perfect for first home-buyers, with excellent infrastructure, great schools, and all of the necessities one would need to raise a family.

With a significant interest in coal mining developments, the area has a booming economy, which gives a helping hand to the increasing house prices. House pricing has seen steady and consistent growth in-line with that of the entire Newcastle Region.

With Ray White Belmont having such a strong presence in the area, especially in the 2280 postcode, we make an excellent option for selling your property or finding the perfect place to make a home. With new developments on the horizon all of the time, we're able to cater to the needs of anyone in the real estate market.

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